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“Less Doing Master Class is for anyone who finds themselves overwhelmed and lacking the clarity to figure out the next steps they need to take in order to grow.”

Ari Meisel

Ari Meisel, Productivity Expert & Founder of Less Doing



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Too many business owners are stuck, stressed, and overwhelmed, and feel like their business runs their life.

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Getting Unstuck and Overcoming Barriers "I hit a ceiling professionaly and was looking to breakthrough. Kayvon has been absolutely instrumental in helping me grow personally and professionally and finding a clear vision of what will it take to be content and happy." Dr. Mark Godley, M.D. Anesthesiologist, MedTech Entrepreneur, CEO of Livecare

Get Unstuck

We will help you to bring out your inner high performing leader and move away from overwhelm and struggle.

Take Back Your Time

Stop always being busy with work in a never ending rat race and start doing the work you enjoy and being home before dinner.

Weekly Check-ins

We will help you optimize your entire business so you can delegate like a pro.

Operate From Your Strengths

Gain an in-depth understanding of yourself that you learn what exactly to say no to.

Have Fun And Grow

Get rid of frustration and doubt, see the growth of your business beyond where you have been before and scale with confidence.


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This will forever change the way you look at your to-do list.

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Over 15 years of experience coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs 

Dr. Kayvon K


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Alex Osterwalder

Clear Direction “If you struggle with productivity, Kayvon is THE man to work with!”  

Alex Osterwalder, Business Theorist, Best-Selling Author, Consultant & Co-Founder of Strategyzer.com

Obstacles Removed "The work we did last year together has made a superb impact on my life. I am getting fitter, being more productive, growing my business, having great gains in my consulting side, living a cleaner minimalist life and have a great relationship."  

Muhammad Dewji, Business Analyst & Consultant at Blueprint ECM

Muhammad Dewji

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